#ICANTBREATHE Rally for Eric Garner

On Sunday, December 7, the Baton Rouge community gathered at the Louisiana State Capitol to protest against court system’s failures to bring justice to the victims of police brutality.

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“The people who spoke at Sunday’s rally, which attracted more than 200 people, included Wyteika Tillman. Her 14-year-old son Cameron Tillman was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Terrebone Parish on Sept. 23. Police say the boy pointed a BB gun at the deputy, who feared for his life. The boy’s family says he was not holding a weapon, and describes Cameron Tillman as an honors student who had never had detention, let alone trouble with the law.

The speakers also included the Rev. Victor White II, the father of Victor White III, who died in Iberia Parish on March 2. After being arrested, he allegedly shot himself in the chest while handcuffed in the back of a squad car.” –

“As protests continue nationwide, people in Baton Rouge want their
voices to be heard too as more controversial cases of police brutality
and injustice surface in our society.

“We are the capital of Louisiana, and these injustices are going on in
New Iberia, in Terrebonne parish, you know they might even be going on
in Baton Rouge and we don’t know about them and we want to be a part
of the country that we want to make better,” said Blair Brown, an LSU junior who helped organize the rally.” – Fox 44

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