BlackSpring Baton Rouge

 BlackSpring Baton Rouge


It is BlackSpring Baton Rouge! Many events have taken place and the movement is going strong.  Our members and original founders have continued to work in the Baton Rouge community to raise awareness on a variety of issues.

This Saturday The Blackout: A Celebration of Being is hosting an event in Downtown Baton Rouge which will be a Baton Rouge-Baltimore Solidarity March at 5:30 PM.

Make sure to RSVP here and check out the Facebook Event for more details.

The event will include a demonstration of marching, single file, in solidarity with those fighting for justice in Baltimore. Organizers will be stationed at  the pavilion marked “Mississippi River” at the crossing of River road and Florida Blvd in Downtown Baton Rouge. Check the event page on Facebook for further information.

Organizers invite you to wear black and bring signs/posters expressing solidarity with the protests against Police Brutality in #Baltimore. Justice for Freddie Gray. Justice for Victor White. Justice for Rekia Boyd. Justice for Mya Hall.


Ferguson Action, a campaign that has been going strong since the events in Ferguson took place, has announced a call to action for activists around the world in what is being called #BlackSpring.


“The eyes of the world are on Baltimore right now.  Again, working class young black people are coming together to speak truth to power. This fearless dedication to fighting for our rights is the backbone of our movement.

Winter is over. It’s time for #BlackSpring.

The war on Black people in Baltimore is the same war on Black people across America.  Decades of poverty, unemployment, under-funded schools and police terrorism have reached a boiling point in Baltimore and cities around the country.

This past winter our people were presented with hollow reforms.  This spring we present to the world our visionary demands.   Demands that speak to a world where all Black Lives Matter.

This Saturday we are determined to demonstrate resistance and resilience on our streets, in our homes, and where we work.

This will be our #BlackSpring.”


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