Part 2: Restoring the Community

We had a great turnout at the Baton Rouge African American Museum on Wednesday! The curator and founder of the museum, Ms. Sadie Roberts-Joseph, was very excited to see the community come out and support.

Part 2: Restoring the Community:



Part 2: Restoring the Community

Saturday, January 31 @ 10:00 am

538 South Boulevard

Baton Rouge, LA, 70802


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Source: NBC33

Volunteers spent Wednesday afternoon day cleaning up the past, so it can help teach future generations.

They broke a sweat cleaning Baton Rouge’s only museum dedicated to black history. The Odell S. Williams Museum of African American History is located right under Interstate 10, and wind and debris from the highway has damaged the museum over the years. Volunteers spent their time painting the outside, and preparing the soil for a community vegetable garden.

Many of the volunteers are in the same group that staged a march after the death of Eric Garner and who rallied in protest of “The Response” prayer rally at LSU.

“You know, they are such a diverse group and that what it takes,” said Sadie Roberts-Joseph, the museum’s curator. “This is only the beginning, I mean, it is awesome, there’s so much energy here, and I guess that’s the great thing about being young.”

If you would like to visit the museum, it is located at 538 South Blvd. Roberts-Joseph added that she can use all the help she can get, and appreciates any volunteer who would like to help out.

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