Rally for Cameron Tillman


Image credit: Quinn Welsch of DIG Baton Rouge

On Sunday, December 14 at 10:00 am, Baton Rouge Organizing will join Wyteika Tillman and family, in a rally for justice for her son and other unarmed black youth who have been killed.

Wyteika Tillman has been living every parent’s nightmare since September 23, 2014, when her son Cameron Tillman was shot and killed by a Terrebonne Parish Officer.

Cameron J. Tillman, was an honor student from Houma, Louisiana. Even though the young man was unarmed, he was shot 4 times by Terrebonne Parish Officer Preston Norman. Cameron lived for nearly an hour after he was shot in front of his brother and friends. The high school athlete received no medical attention for those 45 minutes and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cameron had grown up playing football and was looking forward to playing in high school. That opportunity was taken away from him.

The community is saturated with sadness and anger following this tragedy. WHile these injustices are not new, the recent events in our nation serve as a “disillusion” to Americans who have no experience with police violence and a “re-wounding” to those who do. This event is a call to action. Our community needs to ensure that police officers adhere to proper protocols. Especially in the cases of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Houma’s Cameron Tillman, we need to advocate for independent investigations when police officers are involved in the death of a civilian.

Join us on Sunday so that we may bring more attention to this failure to uphold justice.

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Date: Sunday December 14th, 2014

Time: 10:00 am

Location: 7856 Main St. Houma, Louisiana, 70360

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